Welcome to the new PuzzleNation.com blog!

Game of Hounds and Jackals

Game of Hounds and Jackals.
Ancient Egypt’s answer to “Angry Birds.”

There’s never been a better time to be into puzzle games than right now.  There are thousands of them available online, on your mobile device, available for your XBOX, PlayStation or Wii…  No matter where you find yourself or what type of puzzle game you’re interested in, you can usually get your fix pretty much at any time and any way you want it.


There are thousands of puzzle games out there.  The Apple’s iOS App Store sports over 13,500 games in the puzzle category and there may very well be 10 times that number online in the form of Flash and Facebook games.  And let’s face it… Maybe not all of them qualify for the “puzzle game” category, have the highest production qualities, or are even all that fun.

For the puzzle lover looking for something fun and challenging this is a puzzle in and of itself. How to cut through all the dross to find the gold?

That’s where our new blog comes in! As a new feature of PuzzleNation.com, our blog’s goal is to bring you relevant news, opinions, and reviews from the puzzle solver’s point of view to help you find what’s new and interesting in the world of puzzles.

In addition to upcoming topics such as “What the #&!% is a puzzle game, anyway?”, we’re really looking forward to discussing and analyzing some great (or perhaps not so great) puzzle games, new or classic, regardless of whether they’re the traditional word-style games like Diggin’ Words, Classic Word Search or Bookworm,  physics puzzlers like Where’s My Water or Cut the Rope or visual/logic puzzles such as a Myst or Machinarium.

So that’s what we’re doing here — and we’re just getting started.  We hope you like the idea and come along with us for the ride.  Check back often by subscribing to our Twitter Feed or Liking us on Facebook.  And always feel free to comment on our posts or let us know if there’s something you’ve seen in the puzzle world that you’d like us to write about!

The PuzzleNation crew!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the new PuzzleNation.com blog!

  1. My first, a veggie, small and green, and round so it will roll,
    My second is the window to a person’s very soul,
    “Excited exclamation” just precisely spells my third,
    Together they’re the source of anger for an Angry Bird.

    (Better than just saying “First!”, eh?)

  2. Great first comment! Thanks.. we couldn’t have started the commenting out with a better puzzle! I’ll leave the solution out for others to find out themselves

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