For when you get bored playing the expert level of Sudoku.

Do you find your average Super-Challenging God-Level Expert Platinum Blond mode of Sudoku too easy?  Now you can prove it!

A pair of computer scientists from the  Babes-Bolyai University (Romania) and the University of Notre Dame (USA) have made some remarkable connections between Sudoku, the classic k-SAT problem, and the even more classic non-linear continuous dynamics.

Using these connections they’ve been able to come up with a “Richter Scale” to objectively determine the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle.

So when you encounter a puzzle labelled hard and you find it easy all you need to do is to compute its η, a co-efficient that measures the hardness of the problem.

Simple as that! Now you can have both the challenge (or lack-thereof) of the Sudoku game plus figuring out just how badly the editors mischaracterized its difficulty level!

I’m off to try and figure out how well our Classic Sudoku difficulty ratings stack up….

Source: The Chaos Within Sudoku – A Richter Scale

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