Puzzling with the Kids: Catch The Candy

The basic game mechanic couldn’t be simpler: In “Catch The Candy,” you play a fuzzy little critter with the ability extend a single tentacle, which can grab things or push things. Using this tentacle, you swing, drag, or otherwise navigate your critter across the terrain, in order to snag a piece of peppermint candy. (Computer game creatures really like peppermint candies these days — see also “Cut The Rope.”) Grab the candy, and you’re off to the next level.

The game’s 100 puzzles gradiate nicely, from super-easy to just a little tricky, with a few killers thrown in here and there. Even the littlest kids should be able to handle the first 40 levels, and maybe even more. Along the way, they’ll work on some basic problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on simple physics.

You can play some sample levels in the Flash version available here. If you should buy the full game from the iPad App Store, feel free to give me a hint about the level pictured above, which is one of only two levels I was unable to tackle this weekend. If you remove that wooden plank, the candy rolls down until it comes to a rest in the little niche with the illustration of the skull. Your tentacle can’t reach it there, nor can you fit through any of the level’s narrower tunnels. I imagine you need to drag that wooden plank around and use it in some way, but I’ve had no success at this. At the moment, I am simply waiting for my daughter to reach this level. Maybe she’ll give me a hint after she solves it before I do.

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