1 thought on “Lost in the Arcade

  1. Okay, we’ve got a Pitfall background, the dog and ducks from Duck Hunt, a digger from DigDug, Pac-Man and a ghost from Pac-Man, Mario from the original Super Mario Bros. (along with a question block and a few bricks), Mario (or Jumpman) from Donkey Kong, E.T. from the atrocious Atari game, Metal Gear Solid (or Rush’n Attack), one of the dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble, a few blocks from Game Boy Tetris, the ship from Asteroid, Space Invaders, Q*Bert, the guy from Genesis’s Ghosts and Goblins, a ladder from Wrecking Crew, Samus, Koopas from Super Mario Bros., Carmen Sandiego, Link and a fairy (from Adventures of Link: Zelda 2), Mega Man, one of the shooters from that Atari dueling game, and Dr. Wily. (There were some repeated characters as well. Dag.)

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