Puzzle Hunt: Incoming!

BAPHL stands for the Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League, a group of folks who put together day-long puzzle events twice a year. Puzzle-loving types grab their friends, form teams, and collaborate to solve a wide variety of word and logic puzzles, racing to be the first to reach the finish line. (Or, alternatively, taking it casual and not caring if you win or not.) The latest BAPHL event is coming up on September 15. If you’re in Boston or thereabouts, and you read a blog called “PuzzleNation,” you should probably find a team and join the fun! The registration deadline is September 11. If you are interested in attending but can’t find a team, contact the BAPHLers and maybe something can be arranged.

Full disclosure: I’m one of the puzzle constructors for BAPHL 6.

1 thought on “Puzzle Hunt: Incoming!

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