So, you like crosswords, do you?

There are many reasons to love the Internet, but a key reason for puzzle lovers is this: The many talented crossword constructors who put free puzzles on their Web sites. Once upon a time, there were one or two of them, but now there are enough to keep even the most die-hard puzzle lover busy. If you were not aware of this, then get ready to add a whole lot of Web sites to your bookmarks list…

A-Frame Games – the Web site of Patrick Berry. It doesn’t get updated nearly often enough (HINT, HINT, PATRICK), but when it does, the puzzles are amazing. A site for variety crossword lovers.

Patrick Blindauer – a new puzzle every month.

Peter Broda – Crossword “reviews, musings, and epiphanies,” and a free puzzle every Tuesday.

Neville Fogarty – a new puzzle each week.

Matt Gaffney – a weekly crossword contest: Solve the puzzle, and then try to find the hidden answer. Late-in-the-month puzzles are for experts only.

Matt Gaffney – what, again? Yes. Matt’s one of the busier constructors out there. He also presents a daily crossword at this other Web site.

Todd McClary – “The Autofill Project” is a a fun blog for word lovers, as Todd discusses interesting new words as he adds them to his crossword database. Page through the archives and you’ll come across his excellent “Unthemely” puzzles.

Pete Muller – a monthly contest crossword with a music theme.

Squaresville Puzzles – periodic puzzling from Jeffrey Harris.

Triple Play Puzzles – An emphasis on variety crosswords, from puzzlemaster Trip Payne. Updated periodically.

Brendan Emmett Quigley – boundary-pushing crosswords, twice a week.

The Wall Street Journal – The Friday crosswords and (even better) the Saturday variety puzzles are all available for free from this blog.

Whew. I think you’re gonna need a fresh pencil sharpener.

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