Resolve to solve more puzzles

Happy new year! If you’re looking for a whole bunch of great puzzles to kick 2013 off right, you have come to the right place. A bunch of talented puzzlemakers have big, wonderful projects in the works, and there’s still plenty of time for you to jump on board.

Trip Payne is just a couple of steps away from funding his new Kickstarter project, which means we’ll be seeing a crossword extravaganza from him later this year. What’s a “crossword extravaganza,” you ask? It’s crosswords and then some. Each puzzle in the set will give the solver a particular answer. All of these answers will then be combined to reveal the “meta” answer — the solution to the entire extravaganza. Depending on how many backers Trip gets, one or more people who submit the meta answer will be in the running for a $100 prize. Of course, for most of us puzzle-lovers, a brand-new challenging puzzle set is prize enough. Do yourself a favor and pledge $20 so that you can get the three bonus puzzles — a themeless crossword, a great cryptic, and a one-of-a-kind “Something Different” crossword.

Roy Leban of Puzzazz also has a Kickstarter project going: Unique Puzzles for a Yankee Echo Alfa Romeo. This will be another puzzle extravaganza, stretching across the whole year. He’s promising a wide variety of puzzles, and again, if you pledge beyond the basic level, you’ll get bonus puzzles as well. Furthermore, the project itself is a mini-puzzle-hunt! There are three puzzles on the Kickstarter page itself (one of them cleverly hidden); two more puzzles were recently revealed in the updates. Solve ’em all and keep the answers handy.

Not every puzzlemaker is going through Kickstarter. Andrew Ries has been putting out a Rows Garden puzzle every week for some time. Now he’s just a few days away from launching a twelve-puzzle contest. Jump in before the puzzles are released on January 13th.

Finally, Thomas Snyder, a world-champion logic puzzle solver, launched his own new project as the New Year’s Ball dropped: He’ll be providing an original, handmade logic puzzle every day, Monday through Saturday, at his new blog, Grandmaster Puzzles. Sign up for an account so you can enter your solutions and make a run for the leaderboard.

I think one of my new year’s resolutions should be stocking up on pencils…

3 thoughts on “Resolve to solve more puzzles

  1. Thanks for the mention of Puzzazz’s Unique Puzzles for a Yankee Echo Alfa Romeo campaign on Kickstarter. The free mini puzzlehunt that’s part of it is now up to 7 puzzles, 5 in plain sight and 2 hidden. And there will be more in the next three weeks, including a metapuzzle at the end.

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