Time to get puzzlin’.

Association is a powerful force when it’s time to give gifts. If someone doesn’t know what to get you, the mind immediately turns to what that person associates you with.

For instance, I’m a fairly rabid Star Wars fan, and have been ever since I was little. Friends and family know they can rarely go wrong giftwise when it comes to interesting Star Wars swag.

(So says the proud owner of TWO Star Wars LEGO alarm clocks. Oh yes, I can choose between light side and dark side wake-ups, since I have both Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader. Jealous?)

That kind of association can be a real treat, since you might receive a wholly unexpected and very welcome present simply because someone associated you with a neat little trinket or object.

The reason I bring this up, especially in January, is because my sister couldn’t make it home for Christmas, so we had a late holiday celebration for her last week. And when she and I exchanged gifts, she surprised me with the following bit of puzzly delightfulness…

Oh yes, the perfect time-keeping accoutrement for my burgeoning Puzzle Lair. (Things just sound cooler when you make them mildly supervillainous.)

And best of all? I had no idea these even existed until I received one as a gift.

So, thanks Sis, and thank you, Association. You’ve hooked me up with sweet swag once again.

2 thoughts on “Time to get puzzlin’.

  1. I saw this in the gift shop at the Art Institute of Chicago this past fall. The puzzle was created by Patrick Blindauer, if I recall correctly, and it’s a real puzzle with other clues. It would make a wonderful prize for Lollapuzzzoola, wouldn’t it! I haven’t gotten one yet, but I have a new place that needs a clock, so thanks for the reminder! Jan O’Sullivan Killingworth

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