Kick It

There are two more puzzly Kickstarter campaigns afoot, on top of the ones I told you about last month.

Already fully funded is Mike Selinker’s Maze of Games, an “interactive puzzle novel.” It’ll be something like one of those old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novels — you can’t simply read it from start to finish. You’ll need to skip around instead, deciding where to go, while solving a whole bunch of puzzles along the way. This sounds exciting enough, but if you buy a hardcover edition of the book, you’ll also get “The Conundrucopia,” a bonus set of puzzles from folks like Trip Payne, Ken Jennings, and logic puzzle master Thomas Snyder. (It’s entirely possible I’ll be represented in the Conundrucopia myself.)

Those of you who like variety crosswords and cryptics surely know the name Patrick Berry — he is widely regarded as one of the best constructors in the country. And he too has jumped aboard the Kickstarter train, with a project called The Crypt. At its basic level, it is a bargain and a half: Eight variety cryptics and four standard cryptics for just $15. Throw in an extra $5, and you’ll get three bonus variety puzzles. As I write this, Patrick is just a few hundred bucks from complete fulfillment. You could be the one to put him over!

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