Bonus Friday blog post!

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Okay! I promised you answers to Tuesday’s Riddle Me This riddles, so here we go!

A man lay dead on the floor, fifty-three bicycles on his back. What happened?

The man cheated at cards and was punished accordingly. (Bicycle being a famous brand of playing cards. Though I do enjoy imagining a brawl at a bicycle shop gone hilariously, disastrously wrong.)

Bob walked into a bar and asked for a glass of water. The bartender pulled out a gun and pointed it at Bob’s face. A few seconds later, Bob said, “Thank you” and walked out. What happened?

Bob had the hiccups, and the bartender scared them away. (Either that or Bob’s a hydroholic and the bartender is preventing him from indulging and getting water-drunk.)

Rhonda lay facedown in the middle of the desert. On her back was something that could have saved her life. What is it?

A parachute. (Though my friend argues that Rhonda is a camel, and the water in her hump could have saved her. It does beg the question of why Rhonda was skydiving in the desert, though.)

Frank did not want to go home because of what the masked man held in his hand. What is the masked man holding?

The masked man is holding a baseball. He’s the catcher.

Joe was dead. Across his back was an iron bar. In front of him was some food. What happened?

Unfortunately, Joe was a mouse caught in a mousetrap.

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2 thoughts on “Bonus Friday blog post!

  1. I also thought Rhonda might be a camel. Although if she had water that could have saved her, I’m sure her body would have used it!

    And for the guy in the bar, I imagined a squirt gun which the bartender used to quench Bob’s thirst!

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