PuzzleNation’s Punderful Halloween Costume Game!

Happy Halloween, puzzlers and PuzzleNationers!

One of the best things about Halloween is guessing what people’s costumes are. Clever costumes can be great fun — like these puzzle-themed costumes we featured last year! — and I’m a particular fan of costumes that only cost a few bucks to put together, because they really let your creativity shine through.

Punny costumes lend themselves to the low-budget costume style brilliantly. For instance, this year I’m gathering three pals with flashlights, magnifying glasses, hawaiian leis and party hats, because we’re a Search Party.

And I figured that punny costumes would make for a perfect Halloween game for my fellow puzzlers!

It’s simple. I post a picture, and you guess what the costume is.

For example:


Did you get it? He’s a chick magnet!

I’ve compiled ten costumes for you to figure out. Let’s see how many you can get!

PuzzleNation’s Punderful Halloween Costume Game!





















So how did you do, PuzzleNationers? I hope you enjoyed our little Halloween Costume challenge. Were there any great punny costumes we missed? Let us know! And happy Halloween to you!

[We’ll be posting the answers tomorrow! Many thanks to our photo sources: Buzzfeed, The Thinking Closet, So Much Pun, and Tim Helbig.]

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2 thoughts on “PuzzleNation’s Punderful Halloween Costume Game!

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