It’s Follow-Up Friday: Halloween Puns Edition!

Happy Halloween, puzzlers and PuzzleNationers!

Last year, we marked the spookiest of holidays by posting some punny costumes for you to figure out, and it’s only appropriate that we celebrate Halloween AND Follow-Up Friday by bringing you a second edition of the PuzzleNation Punderful Costume Game!

It’s simple. I post a picture, and you guess what the costume is.

For example:


She’s a dust bunny!

I’ve compiled ten costumes for you to figure out. Let’s see how many you can get!

PuzzleNation’s Punderful Halloween Costume Game!









[Picture courtesy of the cleverboots at The Thinking Closet.]








photo by Sarah A. Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph





How many did you get? Have you seen any great punny costumes we missed? Let us know! And Happy Halloween!

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