PuzzleNation App Review: TRUpuzzlE

Welcome to the another edition of PuzzleNation App Reviews! Today we continue our quest to explore the world of puzzly games and apps for your tablet or smartphone!

Our resident app player and puzzle fiend Sherri has a new game for us today, so let’s get down to business and dive into her review of TRUpuzzlE for iPad and iPhone!

TRUpuzzlE is an iOS app where you’re tasked with moving the group of green pieces to a specific location.

If you like straight puzzles, then this is the game for you. Your goal is to shift the green group of pieces to the green squares. Easy, right? Well, guess again. Blocking your way are other groups of colored pieces that you have to move around in order to get the green pieces to their proper squares.

This is a real corker of a game, as the levels get progressively harder. Much harder. You have set paths to move the pieces through; in order to get the full three stars for each level, you have to move the green pieces to their squares in a certain number of steps. Of course, you can take as many steps as you need and earn one star, which is good, as completing one level opens up the next.

The graphics are pretty good. Each level’s puzzle board is superimposed on machinery, with moving gears in the background. It has a steampunk flavor that I really enjoy. To reset a level, you simply flick a switch.

Since you’re pretty much solving the same type of puzzle for each level, if you aren’t a lover of this type of puzzle, the game can get a bit tedious. The graphics keep levels interesting, though, and the increasing difficulty really works your brain. This is one game that keeps your puzzle-solving abilities sharp!

Ratings for TRUpuzzlE:

  • Enjoyability: 2/5 — It’s a very straightforward game that really depends on if you like solving that particular type of puzzle. Since each level is essentially the same, just increasing in difficulty, it can get a bit tedious.
  • Puzzle incorporation: 4/5 — This game is all about the puzzle. Each level gets progressively harder with the same type of puzzle.
  • Graphics: 3/5 — They’re minimalist but have a good steampunk flavor. The moving gears really add atmosphere to the game.
  • Gameplay: 3/5 — It’s a fairly easy game to play. Good luck trying to get three stars on each level. Those levels get very tricky!

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