#350: A PuzzleNation Blog Milestone

This is my 350th post on PuzzleNation Blog.

For almost three years now, I’ve endeavored to make PuzzleNation Blog a hub for all things puzzles and games. From historical events and technological advancements to the newest (and oldest!) brain teasers and the latest and greatest in modern puzzling, I have tried to chronicle the incredible diversity, expansiveness, influence, and ever-changing dynamism of the puzzle world.

It was always my goal to make PuzzleNation Blog a destination for puzzlers, a place they could explore to learn about the complex, multifaceted world of puzzles and games available to them. It has widened my puzzle knowledge considerably, introducing me to new mysteries, new puzzles, and new experiences. Every day, I’m granted another opportunity to learn something new, to meet another constructor or puzzler that is contributing in a meaningful way to the online puzzle community. I hope I’ve succeeded.

I’m certainly not the only blogger who talks about puzzles. There are some terrific, insightful websites out there by New York Times crossword constructors and solvers, as well as blogs by topnotch independent constructors, game designers, and puzzle fans. I know this because I try to read as many of them as possible to keep up-to-date on the many MANY aspects of the puzzle world.

And along the way, hopefully, readers and fellow puzzle enthusiasts would click through and check out PuzzleNation itself, home to some of the best puzzle apps on the market today.

That might sound like a cheap plug, but it’s not. I’ve enjoyed serving as the primary voice of PuzzleNation’s social media team since our earliest days, and getting to see firsthand not only the hard work put in by the PuzzleNation Team day in and day out, but watching the fruits of their labor hit the marketplace and thrive…it has been an absolute privilege to work alongside my fellow PuzzleNationers.

Looking back on 350 posts, many of them announcing our latest puzzle apps and updates, I’m immensely proud of the work we’ve done so far. And now, looking forward, I imagine the blog posts to come, announcing new projects and exploring how the puzzle world will change and grow and evolve. And I cannot wait.

Here’s to the next 350 blog posts — to the puzzles yet unsolved, to the outstanding PuzzleNation apps to come, and to more of the best PuzzleNation Team has to offer.

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