A Costume That’s Off the Depp End!

Halloween is this Saturday, and one of the best things about the holiday is how creative people get with their costumes.

This creativity can come in several forms. Sometimes, it’s the costume itself, an idea that wows you as ambitious or clever or totally unexpected. Other times, it’s the execution of the costume, either in how impressive the effort involved is OR how ingeniously they’ve kept their budget reasonable.

In college one year, I was short on funds for a costume. But one thing never in short supply around Halloween are empty candy wrappers. So I took an old shirt, glued candy wrappers to it (along with some stray kernels of popcorn and an old cell phone) and I went to a costume party as the floor of a movie theater.

It’s one of my favorite costumes to this day, because it required me to think outside the box.

Today’s post is also about a costume that’s outside the box. Many people dress up as celebrities or famous fictional characters for Halloween, but rarely do they dress up as many characters simultaneously.

Check out the photo below! Our costumed gentleman has decked himself out in the trappings of numerous Johnny Depp films. Can you name them all?

This is a great costume, not only because it’s ambitious and meticulously put together, but because there’s clearly a great deal of thought behind it. Terrific stuff!

Oh, and if you’re looking for more puzzly costume fun, check out our Follow-Up Friday post this week, as we celebrate our Third Annual PuzzleNation Punderful Costume Game!

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