Just released: a brand new puzzle set for the Penny Dell Crosswords App!

Oh yes, we’ve got another bonus post this week, and this time, we’re celebrating a new puzzle set for the Penny Dell Crosswords App.

Mere days after launching Dell Collection Ten, our latest 150-puzzle pack, we’re overjoyed to announce our newest downloadable content for the Penny Dell Crosswords app, the November Deluxe set, is now available through the App Store!

Our November Deluxe set offers 35 terrific themed puzzles, and that’s certainly some great puzzle content to be thankful for! Not only do you get 30 easy, medium, and hard puzzles, but there are 5 bonus puzzles you can unlock as you solve!

With this new deluxe set of puzzles, we’ve continued our proud tradition of publishing the best crosswords available to the mobile audience. Terrific crosswords right in your pocket! What more could you ask for?

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