Check out the Lone Shark Games’ Humble Bundle!

humble bundle

Want to put your puzzly funds to good, charitable use AND receive some terrific puzzles in return?

Check out Lone Shark Games’s Humble Bundle!

From the website:

In case that’s a new thing for you, a Humble Bundle is a pay-what-you-want collection of games or books that you will never, ever, ever get for that price again. Like, you could only pay a dollar if you want. No, really, it’s an insane deal, and it only lasts two weeks. But that’s not the only cool part. A whole bunch of each person’s contribution goes to charity. So that’s your incentive to pay more than a dollar. Maybe a lot more.

They’ve put together a monster team of talent — Thomas Snyder, Francis Heaney, Brendan Emmett Quigley, Patrick Berry, and Patrick Blindauer among them — and honestly, it’s an incredible offer at any price, even without including The Maze of Games and the incentive of a new hint book!

So if you’d like to do some good for some wonderful causes, click this link!

2 thoughts on “Check out the Lone Shark Games’ Humble Bundle!

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