The Super Bowl Snack Brain Teaser!


The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and appropriately enough, a friend of the blog sent me a football-themed brain teaser to crack. (In an attempt to credit the creator, I uncovered this webpage, which I’ll cite until more information becomes available.)

But instead of solving it right away, I’ll put it to you first, my fellow puzzlers and PuzzleNationers, and give you the weekend to unravel it yourselves!

Here we go!

Five couples have gathered for the big game, each football-loving woman having invited a male date, because it’s fun to invert stereotypes sometimes.

The women are Amanda, Evelyn, Janice, Rhianna, and Sue, and the men are Bill, Cory, Mack, Ted, and Walter.

Each couple brought a different snack: Doritos, Pringles, Lays, Tostitos, and Cheetos.

Can you figure out which couples brought which snack from the hints below?

Here are your hints:

  • Ted did not accompany Rhianna to the Super Bowl party.
  • Amanda and her date brought Doritos to the party.
  • Bill and his date and the couple who brought Pringles cheered for the Falcons.
  • Rhianna and her date cheered on the Patriots.
  • Mack and his date decided to bring Cheetos.
  • Evelyn and her date did not bring Lays chips.
  • Sue and her date, who wasn’t Ted, were Patriots fans.
  • Sue and her date didn’t bring Tostitos.
  • Cory and his date did not bring either Lays or Pringles to the gathering.
  • Bill and Amanda and their dates all sampled the five different types of chips.
  • Evelyn and her date did not bring Tostitos.
  • Ted and his date cheered the halftime show instead of either team.

I’ll post the solution and the solve next week!

In the meantime, happy puzzling, happy viewing, and happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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