Meet the Daily POP Word Search Constructors: Jessica Giannone

One of the Daily POP Word Search app’s best features is the level of input from top-flight constructors. We’ve assembled one heck of a team when it comes to creating terrific, exciting, fresh, themed word search puzzles.

And over the next few weeks, we’d like to introduce you to some of them. Some names you may know, some you may not, but they’re all doing amazing work on these puzzles and deserve a little time in the limelight.


For this installment, allow us to introduce you to constructor, singer, and doer of charitable works Jessica Giannone!

How did you get started in puzzles?

Since I was a child, I’ve always loved solving various kinds of puzzles, riddles, and word games. I was fascinated by how puzzles were made. As a writer and journalism graduate, an editorial opening at Penny Press was all it took to reel me into the puzzle-making world!


What do you enjoy about working on Daily POP Word Search?

Getting to work on current topics is a refreshing treat because I don’t need to hold off on any subject that strikes my fancy. Normally, we work on material that won’t be released until the following year, and we tend to shy away from media (films, books, etc.) that is in the works. (For the sake of audience familiarity, we try to wait until a film has been out at least a year or that a TV show has made it to a second season, for instance.)

Working on Daily POP Word Search is also a great excuse to research trends we may not have heard of yet and incorporate fun ideas which appeal to a younger audience.

I enjoy the “Music Boxes” and “Book Smarts” themes the most because I am a lover of music and literature! I enjoy getting to research upcoming projects from various “creatives” everywhere. “Wildcards” also give us a chance to switch things up because we don’t typically cover a lot of pop culture.


How is working on Daily POP Word Search different from constructing for some other outlet or magazine?

Constructing for Daily POP Word Search allows us to use a wide range of material and be a little less restrictive with our content because our audience is digital/less traditional. We’re also able to include topics that may not be quite mainstream yet. It’s interesting to take an experimental approach to editing, and Daily POP Word Search is the perfect outlet to have some fun with our “puzzly” practice.

In the spirit of trends, I’m also including the name of a fun new cause to promote random acts of kindness everywhere:

Check out #KindnessInspiredByAmara on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share some love!

Note: Jess is also on the board of the nonprofit organization Riccio Pick-Me-Ups, which provides joy and aid to children and families in need. It was founded by her cousin Amara Riccio, who is fighting a lifelong condition of her own, but champions through to support people everywhere with her unconditional aid and warrior spirit. You can check out the cause here:

A huge thank you to Jessica for her time! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for her puzzles in the Daily POP Word Search app, free to download for both iOS and Android users!

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