International Games Week is Almost Over!


All week, libraries around the world have been celebrating International Games Week, an event about bringing people together through games.

Whether we’re talking about games with educational value or just games that help forge friendships (and friendly rivalries), it’s a terrific way to introduce people to new games and fellow gamers. Not to mention it drives attention toward local libraries, which is always a good thing!

As a huge proponent of game-fueled socializing, I love events like this. You can introduce people to games they’ve never seen before — potentially even styles of games they’ve never seen before, like wagering games, cooperative games, and more — and helping to build a community of gamers.

I myself have hosted Dungeons & Dragons demos in the past as a way of introducing new players to one of my favorite pastimes in a way that is welcoming and inclusive, and hopefully inspires them to play again!


Who knows, you might end up forming a game club, or making new friends, or even discovering something that inspires you to create a game or tell a story on your own!

You can find listings for events all over! For instance, my Friendly Local Game Shop — Gamer’s Gambit in Danbury — is actually providing games to play for the Danbury Public Library, including staff to teach the games and encourage gaming fun in groups.

International Games Week continues tonight and tomorrow, so it’s entirely possible you haven’t missed out on a fun time with fellow gamers! Keep your eyes peeled for events in your area.

And hey, if you’ve already attended a library event for International Games Week, let us know what you did and how it went! We’d love to hear from you!

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