Counting Down the Hours With Some Holiday Trivia!

As you well know, fellow puzzlers and PuzzleNationers, normally we post a puzzle to celebrate a given holiday.

But we just did that for Thanksgiving.

So, instead, how about we switch things up a bit and offer you an advent calendar’s worth of holiday trivia to celebrate the festive season?

That’s right, twenty-four questions on holiday pop culture from around the world. How does that sound?

Feel free to cherry-pick from these questions for your own Yuletide trivia. We’ve tried to keep it relatively easy and accessible, though a few tougher historical questions might’ve snuck in alongside the song trivia, the reindeer trivia, and the food trivia.


muppet christmas carol

1. How many ghosts are there in A Christmas Carol?

2. Red and green are the two colors most associated with Christmas. Which are the two other colors, also named in a Burl Ives song, that are also extremely popular in this season?

3. In the UK, which Christmas food is it considered good luck to eat one of on each of the 12 days of Christmas?

4. In the song “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” the Grinch is called all kinds of names, but one particular trio of insults, one right after the other, differs by only a single letter. What are those three words?

5. Which two of the reindeer are named after weather phenomenon?

6. What year was Christmas declared a federal holiday in the United States?

Christmas theme, sales, Happy  Santa Claus in a snowy forest, Santa on the background of a winter forest, Russian Santa Claus (Grandfather Frost), Santa Claus are near his reindeers in harness.

7. Which country has a tradition of a witch dropping gifts for children through the chimney at Christmas?

8. Which was the last state in the United States to declare Christmas a legal holiday?

9. How many reindeer were in the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas?”

10. The film Miracle on 34th Street depicted events at what famous department store?

11. What dish was served by Mrs. Cratchit in A Christmas Carol? (Hint: it is also mentioned in the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”)

12. Which of Santa’s reindeer is named after another animal?


13. The red and white costume of Santa was allegedly first introduced by which beverage manufacturer?

14. Which President, a famous conservationist, objected to a Christmas tree in the White House?

15. Which spirit is traditionally added to butter and served with Christmas pudding?

16. In Spain, it’s considered good luck to eat one of these foods for each chime of the clock for the new year. What food is it?

17. In the American version of The Office, salesman Dwight portrayed Belsnickel instead of Santa for one of the company’s holiday parties. Instead of naughty or nice, what two adjectives did Belsnickel choose between when gauging the behavior of everyone?

18. Who was the first President to have a tree in the White House?

the grinch

19. True story. I had a dog named Chestnut who stared at the stereo speaker in confusion every time a certain holiday ditty played. What was its title?

20. What is the most popular meal for Christmas in Japan?

21. The name of what Christmas song was originally called “Tinkle Bells” until the writer’s wife pointed out that tinkle also means pee?

22. In what Central American country might you find yourself kicking off the holiday season by burning the devil on December 7th while sweeping your house?

23. Which ocean is Christmas Island located in?

24. What is the name of the Grinch’s dog?

Do you have any favorite nuggets of holiday trivia? Please share it with us in the comment section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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