Eyes Open #18


Welcome to the latest puzzle in my ongoing series, Eyes Open, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and other civil rights protests.

One of the genuine highlights of an event like Women’s History Month is learning about important figures and influential names from history that you don’t know. There are so many stories out there begging to be told, some undershared for centuries, some very recent but equally worthy of the attention of readers and historians everywhere.

And we’re going to share a few today, even if this post is a few days late for Women’s History Month. Themed months be damned, we’ll celebrate women all year round.

Whenever I see intriguing articles that might be appropriate for an Eyes Open puzzle, I place them into a folder and keep them, waiting for an idea to coalesce in the form of a crossword.

But, unfortunately, not every article contains the germ of a crossword in it. But you can certainly use it for one themed entry.

So the theme of today’s Eyes Open puzzle is a collection of interesting women whose stories are inspiring, strange, and fascinating, and each and every one merits a spot in any Women’s History Month article. From naval firsts to impressive academic achievements — and one mind-bending story from Oklahoma that will make you say “wow” in more ways than one — these women all made history.

I hope this puzzle serves to both engage you as a solver and encourage you to learn more about these impactful women.

eyes open 18 image

[Click this link to download a PDF of this puzzle.]

If you have suggestions for more topics for me to cover in future puzzles, please let me know. If you’re a person of color and you’d like to share a puzzle of your own, or to collaborate with me on a puzzle, please let me know.

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, and you have ideas, please let me know. If you’re a trans person, or a non-binary individual, and you feel underrepresented in puzzles, please let me know.

I would like this to become something bigger, but hopefully, this is at the very least a start.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for standing up, speaking up, and fighting the good fight.

Support LGBTQIA+ people.
Believe women.
Black lives matter.

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