A Double Feature Film Game For You!


In today’s blog post, we’ve got a movie title game for you. The challenge is simple: can you name these pairs of movies with titles that are opposites?

We’ll give you the genre for each film, the year each was released, and one star from each film. (Occasionally, we’ll offer a bonus hint as well!)

For example, let’s give you this breakdown:

-Horror, Horror
-2016, 1996
-Kate Siegel, Neve Campbell

Did you come up with Hush and Scream?

We’ve got more fifteen pairings for you to figure out! Let’s go to the movies!

-Comedy, Romcom
-1985, 1995
-Madeline Kahn, Paul Rudd
(Bonus hint: Tim Curry, Alicia Silverstone)

-Action/Crime, Drama/Crime
-1995, 1990
-Will Smith, Robert DeNiro
(Bonus hint: Martin Lawrence, Joe Pesci)

-Holiday/Musical, Horror
-1954, 1974
-Rosemary Clooney, Margot Kidder
(Bonus hint: Bing Crosby, Olivia Hussey)

-Western, Fantasy/Romance
-1952, 2008
-Gary Cooper, Kristen Stewart

-Comedy, Comedy
-1985, 1994
-Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey

-Drama/Musical, Action
-1980, 2021
-Irene Cara, Bob Odenkirk

-Comedy/Drama, Drama
-2006, 1988
-Steve Carell, Tom Cruise
(Bonus hint: Abigail Breslin, Dustin Hoffman)

-Holiday/Comedy, Animation/Adventure
-1990, 2001
-Macauley Culkin, Hayao Miyazaki

-Romcom, Sci-Fi/Action
-1986, 2014
-Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise

-Drama/Biographical, Action
-1993, 1988
-Ethan Hawke, Bruce Willis

-Sci-Fi/Comedy, Comedy(?)
-1997, 2004
-Tommy Lee Jones, Marlon Wayans

-Horror, Romance
-1987, 1995
-Bill Paxton, Ethan Hawke

-Comedy, Horror
-1989, 2018
-John Travolta, Emily Blunt

-Action/Crime, Horror
-1973, 2017
-Bruce Lee, Daniel Kaluuya

-Drama, Sci-Fi/Comedy
-1994, 1993
-Winona Ryder, Daryl Hannah

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