Without Further Ado…

Hello there, PuzzleNationers. You probably don’t know my name, but you do know me. I’m Glenn, and for the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of being the voice of PuzzleNation.

Tweets, Facebook posts, blog entries… I played games with you, solved puzzles with you, attended puzzly events with you, delved into the history of puzzles with you, and more.

Three times a week, I’ve had the honor of exploring the world of puzzles and games with you through this blog. Some of those posts have been featured in online outlets like CNET, others have been cited in college term papers.

Over 900 Wordplay Wednesday posts. Nearly 1,500 blog entries. Thousands of follows, hundreds of thousands of views. That’s mind-blowing.

And I wanted to thank you.

Thank you for reading, for solving, for clicking and liking and sharing. Thank you for supporting the brand, for downloading our apps, for solving our puzzles every day.

But it’s time for a new voice to take over, to take PuzzleNation forward in new, exciting ways as we continue to deliver the best puzzle apps in the world.

Going forward, things might look different. Rest assured that you can continue to expect topnotch content from the PuzzleNation blog and social media, although our posting schedule may change.

But PuzzleNation will push forward, it will continue to innovate, and it will thrive, thanks to readers and solvers like you. Please continue to follow us on social media, to solve our puzzles, and to download our apps. (We have some amazing projects in the pipeline for you!)

Thank you again for an amazing decade. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for all things PuzzleNation.

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