Puzzle Plagiarism: One Year Later

This weekend marked the one-year anniversary of one of the biggest stories in puzzles: the USA Today/Universal Uclick crossword plagiarism scandal, aka #gridgate. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, you can click here for more detail, but here’s a quick … Continue reading

Puzzle Plagiarism, Part 3: Parker Out

After months of nothing, things are suddenly moving forward with the Universal Uclick/USA Today puzzle plagiarism scandal. A quick recap: Programmer Saul Pwanson and constructor Ben Tausig uncovered a pattern of unlikely repeated entries in the USA Today and Universal … Continue reading

Puzzle Plagiarism, Part 2: Uclick Responds

It’s Follow-Up Friday, but it doesn’t feel right to open this post with our usual exuberant intro. Today, I’m returning to the subject of Timothy Parker and the USA Today/Universal Uclick plagiarism scandal. You know, when I first wrote about … Continue reading

Puzzle Plagiarism?

[Image courtesy of PlagiarismToday.com.] Today’s post isn’t the usual Follow-Up Friday fare. Instead of returning to a previous subject, I’d like to discuss a topic that I expect I’ll be returning to in Follow-Up Friday form in the near future. … Continue reading

And… Repeat

[Image courtesy of Pinterest.] I’ve had repetition on the brain lately. Repeatedly. How apropos. I was talking about plagiarism with a friend of mine recently — a teacher who has dealt with her fair share of plagiarized essays from students … Continue reading

A Puzzly Nom de Plume?

[Image courtesy of Writers Write.] There was an intriguing blog post on The Wall Street Journal‘s website a few days ago about their crossword editor, Mike Shenk. For those who don’t know, Shenk is a well-respected name in the world … Continue reading