Solutions to Last Week’s Detective Riddles!

Last week, we delved into a curious cousin of brain teaser family — detective riddles. These crime-fueled and investigation-filled little logic problems often cast you as the detective, the accused, or simply someone putting on their deerstalker hat and endeavoring … Continue reading

Be a Sleuth with Detective Riddles!

Brain teasers come in many forms. Riddles, logic problems, math puzzles, and deduction games all fall under the umbrella of brain teasers. One variety of brain teasers that has always appealed to me is the detective riddle. It’s probably because, … Continue reading

Riddles, Riddles Everywhere!

I’ve had riddles on the brain recently, because I keep seeing them everywhere. Over the last few weeks, they’ve popped up in games, TV shows, books, and even emails to the blog. It all started with our twice-monthly office D&D … Continue reading

A Pair of Brain Teasers From Your Fellow PuzzleNationers!

[Image courtesy of] We love brain teasers here at PuzzleNation Blog. Whether they’re riddles, logic problems, math puzzles, or challenging bits of wordplay, we take on all comers here. We’ve solved some doozies in the past, like the Brooklyn Nine-Nine … Continue reading

The Mind-blowing Variety of Puzzles

[A sampling of puzzles of many sorts: crosswords, puzzle boxes, mechanical brain teasers, tile puzzles, riddles, and more!] It really is incredible how many forms puzzles can take. Think about it. Whether you’re talking Rubik’s Cubes, cryptograms, jigsaws, Sudoku, brain … Continue reading

PN Review: Crossword Mysteries: Riddle Me Dead

Almost two years ago, the first Crossword Mysteries movie debuted. A Puzzle to Die For introduced the puzzle world (and the mystery world) to crossword editor Tess Harper and NYPD detective Logan O’Connor, as the unlikely duo unraveled the murder of an art dealer … Continue reading