Virtual Reality Puzzling Takes Another Step Forward

Two years ago, we launched an April Fools Day prank involving a virtual reality version of our puzzles: PNVR. It was great fun to both imagine how our puzzles would be reinvented by VR and to lampoon the idea of … Continue reading

To Solve This Murder Mystery, You Need to Break the Game

[Image courtesy of Game Informer.] Our readership isn’t a predominantly video game-savvy audience. We have lots of app users and lots of pencil-and-paper solvers in the PuzzleNation membership, but fewer gamers. So you may wonder why I periodically write about video … Continue reading

In Crossword Clue Parlance, it’s M, or K, or Grand

[Image courtesy of] A thousand of anything is a lot. Sure, the Proclaimers made it sound longer by mentioning 500 miles and then 500 more, but we’re still talking about 1000 miles there. That’s a lot of miles. I … Continue reading

The Gold Bar Logic Puzzle!

[Image courtesy of Pinterest.] As many of our long-time readers know, we’re happy to accept the challenge of any brain teaser, riddle, mind tickler, or puzzle that is bedeviling one of our fellow PuzzleNationers. So when someone suggested that I … Continue reading

Brain Teaser: A Curious Way to Tell Time

We love tackling brain teasers, riddles, math puzzles, and mind ticklers here at PuzzleNation Blog. Our friends at Penny Dell Puzzles also enjoy putting their puzzly skills to work by posting various brain teasers.. And one of our mutual readers … Continue reading

A Dollar For Your Thoughts? It’s the Hundred Dollar Puzzle!

[Image courtesy of] That’s right, fellow puzzlers and PuzzleNationers! It’s that time again when we pit our puzzly minds against a fiendish brain teaser and test our mental mettle! You might’ve seen this brain teaser making the rounds on … Continue reading