Riddles, Riddles Everywhere!

I’ve had riddles on the brain recently, because I keep seeing them everywhere. Over the last few weeks, they’ve popped up in games, TV shows, books, and even emails to the blog. It all started with our twice-monthly office D&D … Continue reading

PuzzleNation Product Review: Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse

[Note: I received a free copy of this game in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. Due diligence, full disclosure, and all that.] All this week, we’ve been discussing different ways to enjoy escape room-style solving from home. We’ve measured … Continue reading

Escape Room Gameplay at Home: Unlock! and Exit: The Game

[Image courtesy of The Portland Press Herald.] In yesterday’s post, we discussed different ways you can enjoy escape room-style puzzling at home. We covered books, apps, and audio formats, but we left the largest category for today’s post: escape room … Continue reading

What makes a great riddle?

[Image courtesy of PNG Find.] I have always suspected that riddles were our first experiments with puzzles and puzzly thinking. Long before crosswords, Sudoku, codebreaking, and magic squares, the potential for wordplay and outside-the-box thinking would have appealed to storytellers, … Continue reading

The Best Puzzle Solvers From Fiction for Children and Younger Readers

In the past, we have assembled super-teams of the best puzzle solvers in horror films, television, and literature, both for adults and for teens. The goal was to highlight characters who stand out, the ones you’d want on your side, because they’re … Continue reading

Puzzles in Pop Culture: The Challenge: Total Madness

[Image courtesy of The Nikki Sin.] One of the first reality TV shows to make an impact was MTV’s The Real World, which debuted back in 1992. A show wherein seven strangers would live together in a house and have their … Continue reading