The Best Puzzle Solvers in Horror Movies

[Image courtesy of Hayden Scott.] Seven Halloweens have come and gone since I started writing for PuzzleNation Blog, and with an eighth one only a few days away, I’m writing a post about horror movies for the very first time. … Continue reading

How to Get Started in Cryptic Crosswords

[Image courtesy of Amazon. The Times Cryptic Crossword Book.] On Twitter yesterday, Oliver Roeder from FiveThirtyEight asked, “If one wanted to learn/practice solving cryptic crosswords, with what puzzles should one begin?” Most of the replies mentioned different cryptic crossword outlets … Continue reading

Virtual Reality Puzzling Takes Another Step Forward

Two years ago, we launched an April Fools Day prank involving a virtual reality version of our puzzles: PNVR. It was great fun to both imagine how our puzzles would be reinvented by VR and to lampoon the idea of … Continue reading

To Solve This Murder Mystery, You Need to Break the Game

[Image courtesy of Game Informer.] Our readership isn’t a predominantly video game-savvy audience. We have lots of app users and lots of pencil-and-paper solvers in the PuzzleNation membership, but fewer gamers. So you may wonder why I periodically write about video … Continue reading

In Crossword Clue Parlance, it’s M, or K, or Grand

[Image courtesy of] A thousand of anything is a lot. Sure, the Proclaimers made it sound longer by mentioning 500 miles and then 500 more, but we’re still talking about 1000 miles there. That’s a lot of miles. I … Continue reading