A Delicious New Twist on Rubik’s Famous Cube?

Rubik’s Cube solving has come a long way since Erno Rubik built his prototype out of wood in 1974. Top solvers are so fast that they need specially designed cubes that spin fast enough to match their fingers. We’ve seen … Continue reading

A Rubik’s Cube is Brought to Life in this Short Film!

In the world of puzzles, there are certain images that are unmistakable, no matter what language you speak. A few concepts that are universally familiar and instantly recognizable. A Scrabble tile. The black and white pattern of a crossword grid. … Continue reading

Give This Rubik-Solving Robot a Hand (Or at Least a Few Fingers)!

Wait a minute, didn’t you write about robots and Rubik’s Cubes just last week? Yes, gentle reader, I certainly did. But, as it turns out, that iconic little puzzly cube and all its twisty brethren are incredibly useful to AI … Continue reading

Computer Program Teaches Itself to Solve Rubik’s Cubes!

I tried to warn you, fellow puzzlers. I wrote posts about computer programs that play chess, Scrabble, Go, Atari games, and Jeopardy! I wrote posts about programs that solve crosswords. I even wrote posts about robots that solve Rubik’s Cubes in … Continue reading

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Rubik-Solving Sidekick?

I just can’t resist a bit of Rubik’s Cube news. We’ve covered Rubik’s Cubes a lot on this blog. We’ve seen them solved underwater, while being juggled, during a skydive, and one move at a time by strangers on a … Continue reading

This Rubik’s Cube Feat Is a Real Toss-Up!

You know, every time I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to Rubik’s Cubes, some enterprising solver proves me wrong yet again. Over the years, I’ve seen a LOT of cool things done with Rubik’s Cubes. I’ve seen the … Continue reading