Go Big, Then Go Home: The World’s Biggest Scavenger Hunt

[Image courtesy of Cornell.edu.] Have you ever done a scavenger hunt, fellow puzzler? They can be a lot of fun. Some simply challenge you to find a bunch of random items, while others create a laundry list of activities to … Continue reading

You Could Claim the Iron Throne in this Game of Thrones Scavenger Hunt!

The final season of HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones is fast approaching — the first episode of the 8th season airs April 14th — and HBO has gone all out to promote the end of the epic saga … Continue reading

A Scavenger Hunt with a Dragon at the End?

Although I’m the only one who works in the puzzle field, I’m far from the only member of my family with puzzly skills. Mom is a whiz at cracking crosswords, Sudoku, and Jumble puzzles. My younger sister demolishes jigsaw puzzles, … Continue reading

PN Trivia Scavenger Hunt: Answers & Winner!

[Image courtesy of Alaris Health.] Thank you to everyone who entered our anniversary trivia scavenger hunt! Plenty of solvers, puzzlers, and PuzzleNationers tried their hand at answering all five questions before the deadline at midnight on Wednesday, and many succeeded! … Continue reading

A PuzzleNation Anniversary Scavenger Hunt!

[Image courtesy of ClipArt Panda.] On Tuesday, I waxed nostalgic on the five-year anniversary of PuzzleNation Blog and all the amazing, curious, puzzly adventures we’ve shared. So when it came time to conjure up an idea to celebrate the day … Continue reading

Hosting A Holiday Puzzle Hunt?

If you’re looking to spruce up Christmas morning with a puzzly challenge, or maybe prevent the kids from tearing through that wrapping paper in record time, you could create a mini holiday puzzle hunt for them to extend the holiday … Continue reading