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  1. Bulova Asks Fans to Crack Complex Code via Social Media

    NY-based watch company Bulova is sponsoring a contest to crack a code over the course of a one week-long social media-wide puzzle competition. Utilizing Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, Bulova is releasing one puzzle per day over the course of a week, with each answer bringing fans one step closer to the “Bulova Code” to have the chance to win a trip for two to the NYC premiere of White House Down, starring Channing Tatum, in which the Bulova Hack watch is featured. The contest, which began Friday, June 7th, has already released its first three puzzles, which incorporate visual, audio, and word challenges. Each day, the difficulty of the puzzles increases, culminating in the ultimate challenge on Thursday, June 13th.

    Start decoding! http://blva.co/hwrqs1

  2. I have a new answer for Lewis Carroll’s raven writing desk riddle, which is fundamentally different than other answers which have been ventured over the years, and I have been looking for a home for the article I have written to explain the answer. The Lewis Carroll Society, friendly at first, became very quiet after they realized I was serious about having solved the riddle. Are you interested?

  3. I love your puzzles, but your website is poor. I’ve tried to find an email address or phone number so I could contact you. I have not been successful.
    I got your free app, but REALLY don’t like the 30 second ads. It costs almost $20 to pay for the ads to go away. I’m a senior on disability and a limited income. I like crossword puzzles to pass the time, do brain exercises to delay or prevent a family history of dementia, and to learn new words. A link popped up on your site to purchase your app. This costs almost $10. What is the difference between the two?

  4. Would you consider reviewing my new word search puzzle book “25 Word Search Puzzles for Classic Literature Lovers”? It’s available on Amazon.com and I’d be glad to provide a copy for free to the Puzzle Nation reviewers!! I’m at work on a second Classic Lit volume as well as a Spooky Classic Lit collection due out before Halloween 2019!!

  5. Hello,
    I found your blog when I Googled the name of my old boss, David Lindsey, to see what I could find out about him after many years. How interesting to read your summary of his life’s work, and of course sad that he has passed on. I can add a little to your narrative about his history. I worked as David’s assistant editor in 1965-1966 at Gilberton Company, which published three crossword magazines, Merit, Webster’s, and Classic. Our office was located in the first block of Fifth Avenue off Washington Square, though I can’t remember the number anymore (it might have been 10 Fifth Ave.). I don’t know how long David had been the editor when he hired me. It was a very small office, just the two of us on the crossword mag staff and a few others who worked on the Classic comics part of the company. I was twenty years old and soon to be married. David and a friend came to our wedding in Wassergass, Pennsylvania, in September 1965 and we all had a terrific time. At work we used to take all week to do the New York Times crossword at the office for fun. I remember earning an extra $5.00 for every word-game type puzzle I created. And the bow ties, and a lot of very good jokes. Thanks for bringing it all back!

    • Thank you for your note, Michele! Wonderful to hear some David stories I hadn’t heard! Are there any puzzles you created that we might know? =)

  6. I am curious if this puzzle type exists. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2539364/article/36262843#36262843

    It has been compared to minesweeper I was adapting a game I did to be a puzzle. The goal is to deduce what symbol is on a grid by each space on the clue grid that maps to the solution grid. On the clue grid, each space has a number that is the count of the number of spaces adjacent to the space that match the symbol on the space in the solution grid.

    • Penny Press has a puzzle called Blackout! that works along similar lines, where placed numbers in the grid reveal how many neighboring squares should be black squares, and you need to figure out how to place ten black squares into the grid to fit all of the numbers. That sounds fairly similar to what you’re proposing.

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