Another Brain Teaser Submitted For Your Puzzly Pleasure!

[Image courtesy of] A few weeks ago, we shared two brain teasers submitted by one of our fellow PuzzleNationers! Well, that must have inspired some of the readership, because we received another brain teaser to solve and share this week! … Continue reading

Solutions to Our June Brain Teasers!

Two weeks ago, we shared a pair of brain teasers sent in by a PuzzleNationer who discovered these particular deduction and math thinkers in a book of riddles and puzzles. Today, we’re going to share not only the solutions, but … Continue reading

A Pair of Brain Teasers From Your Fellow PuzzleNationers!

[Image courtesy of] We love brain teasers here at PuzzleNation Blog. Whether they’re riddles, logic problems, math puzzles, or challenging bits of wordplay, we take on all comers here. We’ve solved some doozies in the past, like the Brooklyn Nine-Nine … Continue reading

Solutions to Last Week’s Detective Riddles!

Last week, we delved into a curious cousin of brain teaser family — detective riddles. These crime-fueled and investigation-filled little logic problems often cast you as the detective, the accused, or simply someone putting on their deerstalker hat and endeavoring … Continue reading

Two Brain Teasers, Courtesy of Conway

Last week, we penned a post celebrating the life and puzzly legacy of mathematician John Horton Conway, and several of our fellow PuzzleNationers reached out with their own thoughts or questions about Conway. One recurring subject was about his love … Continue reading

Answers to Our 6th Anniversary Instagram Brain Teasers!

Last week, we celebrated six years of PuzzleNation Blog by announcing a week-long puzzly social media blitz. Facebook and Twitter saw twice-daily alerts for the puzzle of the day for both Daily POP Crosswords and Penny Dell Crosswords App, cuing … Continue reading