PuzzleNation Product Review: Firefly Fluxx

[Note: I received a free copy of this game in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. Due diligence, full disclosure, and all that.] Looney Labs is celebrating 20 years of puzzle-game goodness this year. From Pink Hijinks and Just Desserts … Continue reading

PuzzleNation Product Reviews: Fluxx Dice and Adventure Time Fluxx

The flagship game of the Looney Labs brand, Fluxx, at its core, is a card game that mixes flexibility and strategy in gloriously chaotic fashion. The basic mechanics of Fluxx — collecting keeper cards in order to complete a certain goal … Continue reading

PuzzleNation Product Review: Batman Fluxx

The folks at Looney Labs specialize in games with high replay value and dynamic gameplay, and no game epitomizes their gaming spirit more than Fluxx. With its constantly shifting rules, goals, and actions, no two sessions of Fluxx are exactly … Continue reading

PuzzleNation Product Review: Holiday Fluxx

The hallmark of any great card game is replayability. Unless you’re playing an epic-length game of War, you’re bound to be playing multiple rounds of a given card game. But how do you keep the gameplay from stagnating? Simple. You … Continue reading

PuzzleNation Product Review: Pink Hijinks, Chrononauts, and Fluxx: The Board Game

Looney Labs is a game company with a creative model everyone can get behind: high replay value through wildly interactive, adaptable game play. Perhaps best known for their card game Fluxx, Looney Labs games are designed for portability, packing a … Continue reading

A Game Kerfuffle in Wisconsin Politics?

We have a game day in the office once a week. Wednesday has been known as Game Day around here for years now, and we have a small group of regulars who use their lunch hour to eat, socialize, and … Continue reading