Remake history at home! (With puzzles!)

Crowdsourcing has become an increasingly popular method for scientists and deep thinkers to solve problems that would otherwise be far too staggering a challenge to tackle on their own. I’ve written in the past about crowdfunding efforts, but this is … Continue reading

The Newest Twist on Twisty Puzzles!

[Picture courtesy of] Rubik’s Cubes and other twisty puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. With the advent of 3-D printing and innovative home designs that can be shared with a few clicks, the field is constantly evolving. This is … Continue reading

How People Used Puzzles and Games to Endure the Pandemic

Puzzles and games have been there for many people during the pandemic. Many puzzle and game companies offered (and continue to offer) “COVID discounts” and giveaways to help people financially impacted by the crisis. Companies released free online or zoom-compatible … Continue reading

Puzzles in Pop Culture: TV Escape Rooms!

[Image courtesy of Yelp.] It’s always interesting when TV shows incorporate puzzles into their stories. Not only do we get to see what Hollywood (and by extrapolation, the general public) thinks about a given puzzly experience, but we learn more about … Continue reading

Go For a Nice Relaxing Puzzle Hunt with Letterboxing!

Who can resist a treasure hunt? Who doesn’t want to play the role of the clever intrepid adventurer who reads maps, deciphers clues, solves riddles, and finds a hidden cache that eluded so many others? We’ve discussed them in the … Continue reading

Voltaire and Frederick the Great: Puzzle Pals?

One of the most curious – and tumultuous – friendships in history was that of Frederick the Great and Voltaire. Voltaire, the 18th-century philosopher and writer, never shied from criticizing the monarchy in his outspoken defenses of civil liberties. That … Continue reading