Representation in Crosswords: A Fresh Look

We live in a data-driven world these days. Everything is quantified, analyzed, charted, and graphed. Your social media use alone is an absolute treasure trove of data that tells businesses all sorts of information about your activities, spending habits, and … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Cheating in Crosswords!

[Image courtesy of Getty Images.] I think most people who solve crosswords already know this, but for anyone who doesn’t, I’ll make this very simple for you. Unless you’re in a tournament or competition setting, there’s no such thing as … Continue reading

Famous Director Stumbles Into Trivia Trap!

[Image courtesy of Buzztime.] It’s no secret that I love trivia. I enjoy bar and pub trivia nights, I compete in an online trivia league (Learned League), and I’ve served as a quizmaster myself. I delight in slipping trivia into … Continue reading

The Unexpected Return of Timothy Parker

Of all the names I expected to see pop up in puzzles in the new year, Timothy Parker wasn’t one of them. For the uninitiated, Timothy Parker was the crossword editor for Universal’s syndicated puzzle and USA Today, both of … Continue reading

And… Repeat

[Image courtesy of Pinterest.] I’ve had repetition on the brain lately. Repeatedly. How apropos. I was talking about plagiarism with a friend of mine recently — a teacher who has dealt with her fair share of plagiarized essays from students … Continue reading

A Puzzly Nom de Plume?

[Image courtesy of Writers Write.] There was an intriguing blog post on The Wall Street Journal‘s website a few days ago about their crossword editor, Mike Shenk. For those who don’t know, Shenk is a well-respected name in the world … Continue reading