The Great Puzzle Pursuit: Puzzle Hunting Across the U.S.!

Puzzle hunts are interactive solving experiences that often have you wandering around a certain area as you crack codes, unravel riddles, and conquer puzzles. Whether you’re working alone or you’ve recruited a team to help with the hunt — perhaps … Continue reading

A puzzle hunt 100 years in the making!

Riddles, codebreaking, and scavenger hunts are three of my favorite puzzly topics. I’ve covered each extensively in blog posts previously, exploring not only the history and ever-changing nature of puzzles, but how deeply ingrained puzzle-solving is in our culture, past … Continue reading

On the hunt for ambitious silliness…

From the Great Urban Race to Leslie’s Valentine’s Day puzzle challenge on Parks & Rec, we’ve covered scavenger hunts and puzzle-game quests on the blog several times in the past. Scavenger hunts have a special place in my heart as … Continue reading

To Solve This Murder Mystery, You Need to Break the Game

[Image courtesy of Game Informer.] Our readership isn’t a predominantly video game-savvy audience. We have lots of app users and lots of pencil-and-paper solvers in the PuzzleNation membership, but fewer gamers. So you may wonder why I periodically write about video … Continue reading

A World of Puzzles and Games at Norwescon 42!

Your friendly neighborhood puzzle blogger took a trip across the country to attend Norwescon, the premiere fantasy and science fiction convention in the Pacific Northwest. This was the 42nd edition of the convention, and if you know your sci-fi novels, … Continue reading

Solve Puzzles in Paradise with PUZZLE FEST!

If you want to be on the cutting edge in puzzles, you have to keep innovating. Pushing boundaries. Offering something new and unexpected. PUZZLE FEST. Forget ACPT. Forget Lollapuzzoola. Forget escape rooms and scavenger hunts and puzzle cruises and D&D … Continue reading