Ooooh woooooo, Werewolves and Puzzlin’: A Puzzly Hashtag Game

You may be familiar with the board game Schmovie or hashtag games on Twitter.

For years now, we’ve been collaborating on puzzle-themed hashtag games with our pals at Penny Dell Puzzles, and this month’s hook was #PennyDellScaryPuzzles. Today’s entries all mash up Penny Dell puzzles, magazines, and products with scary movies, costume ideas, monsters… anything spooky or Halloween-fueled!

Examples include Carrie-Overs, Fright Angles, or Ghost Star Framework.

So, without further ado, check out what the puzzlers at PuzzleNation and Penny Dell Puzzles came up with!

Scary Puzzly Movies!


Nightmare Around the Block from Elm Street

Creature from the Blackout! Lagoon

Little Puzzler of Horrors

Strateg-eepers Creepers

Frankenstein’s Monster: Assembly Required

Tales from the Cryptic Crossword / Cryptogram / Crypt-o Zoo

The Picture This of Dorian Gray

What’s the Last House on the Left?

Who’s Calling From Inside the House?

Whatever Happened to Baby Chain Words?

The Texas Chain Words Saw Massacre / The Texas Jigsaw Puzzle Massacre

I Know What You Did Last Sum-Doku

At 6’s and Se7en’s


The Murders in the Rue-lette

Bricks And Mortar (In The Cask Of Amontillado) / The Cask of Amontillado II: Brick by Brick

The Living and the Dead Colors

Colorful Escapes from Witch Mountain

Rows Garden’s Baby

Friday the 13xt

Out of a Quiet Place / A Quiet Place, Please

The Ringers

The Blair Which Way Words Project

Children of the Four Corners

Invasion of the Mix and Matchers

The Triplexorcist

Triple Child’s Play

Psychode Names

The Wizard of A to Z Maze (with The Wicked Witch Way Words of the West)

Addams Family Ties

First and Last Horror Movie

A Nightmare on 3 Across

Night of the Living Heads & Tails

Puzzly Monsters and Menaces!

Slay That Again?

Quote Draculator



Black Categories


Bricks and Morticia

Werewolf Are They Now?

Frank the Rabbits and Pieces

Crypt-Keeper Frame

How Many Tarantulas

Insert A Worm

Lucky Cleaver




Clown Around the Bend

Leatherface to Face

Witch Way Words


Puzzly Spooky Stuff and Halloween Fun!

Casting a Spelldown

Anagram Black Magic Squares

Crypt Crossword

Pushing Up Daisy

Summoning Circle Sums

Die-agramless Fill-In


Four Coroners

Candy Bowl Game

Four Candy-Corners

Caramel Bits & Reese’s Pieces

Three-D Corn Maze

Tricks and Mortar

Bricks and Horror

Pumpkin Patchwords

Fear & Scare Word Seek

Missing Howls Word Seek

On the Ghost Word Seek

Itt Figures

Haunted Mirror Image



Double, Double Toil and Trouble

“Double Trouble! Double Trouble! Fingers burn through all them puzzles!”

As always, one of our contributors went above and beyond, creating a cryptic crossword clue AND still managing to slip in some #PennyDellScaryPuzzle-themed wordplay! Check it out

Question: Abandoned Louisiana home, runs to find a change of scene? (6)
Answer: Ruston

How cool is that? They also offered up this explanatory fun fact:

The city of Ruston, Louisiana is mentioned several times on the HBO series True Blood, an American fantasy horror drama TV show about vampires. It is also home to the Screaming Woods Haunted Trails, a spooky 2-mile Halloween trail that is lit up only by tikis!

Did you come up with any Penny Dell Scary Puzzle entries of your own? Let us know! We’d love to see them.


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Answers to the PuzzleNation Punderful Costume Game!

It’s time to reveal the puns behind our second annual PuzzleNation Punderful Costume Game!

We challenged you to figure out these clever costumes, so let’s see how you did!

PuzzleNation’s Punderful Halloween Costume Game!



She’s a social butterfly!



That’s one smart cookie!



It’s snakes on a plane!



Check out that #hashtag!

[Picture courtesy of the cleverboots at The Thinking Closet.]



It’s shrimp on the barbie!



Why, it’s 50 shades of gray, of course!



Who doesn’t love a Lincoln log?


photo by Sarah A. Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph

Miss Universe, at your service.



She’s fit as a fiddle!



It’s Snow (Walter) White!

How did you do, PuzzleNationers? Did this inspire any punny costume ideas for you? Let us know!

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A 9-letter word for candy and costume-fueled fun.

Greetings, fellow puzzle solvers and enigma enthusiasts! Happy Halloween to you and yours!

I had a lot of fun a few weeks ago scouring the Internet for pictures of puzzle-centric tattoos, and with today being the most costume-y of holidays (unless you dress up for Bastille Day or the Fourth of July or something), I thought I’d wander back out into the wilds of the Internet and see what kind of puzzly costumes are out there.

Naturally, I would be remiss if I didn’t post at least one picture of the most famous of the puzzly supervillains from pop culture, so here is your prescribed dose of Batman villain The Riddler, nabbed from’s Dubya87.

Now, when you’re doing any sort of puzzle-focused image searching on the Internet, you’re bound to get jigsaws as well as pen-and-paper puzzles.

There were numerous examples of couples, pairs, and groups going as interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces, but that’s not really the sort of puzzle costume I was going for. Nonetheless, this jigsaw puzzle costume rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night is really impressive, so I’ll share it with the puzzle world at large anyway.

But let’s get down to business. Puzzle costume business, which I daresay is the best kind of business, outside of being paid to eat ice cream.

Astonishingly, there’s simply not a lot of crossword-themed costume play going on. I know! I was surprised too! I did, however, find these crossword grid-patterned pajamas, which could easily double as a costume, or examwear for a tardy college student.

From crosswords, it’s a quick hop to Scrabble costumes, which seem to be much more popular!

This was my favorite of the “replicating the board” costumes I found.

And, naturally, there’s an awkward mass-produced costume along the same lines, which looks both uncomfortable and a bit too pillowy for my tastes.

From there, we get into the more creative interpretations. This woman seems inordinately proud of her Scrabble board dress.

This homemade dress is absolutely adorable. I only wish I’d been able to find a better picture.

And, as above, there’s a “sassy” mass-produced version of the Scrabble dress.

(There’s a more scandalous variation on that costume as well, but for propriety’s sake, let’s ignore that and move onward.)

Sudoku! While not as popular a costume choice as Scrabble, I still had little trouble tracking down several choice examples of sudokuriffic costumes. (Though I really doubt that’s a puzzle of three-star difficulty.)

I’m not sure how racially sensitive this guy’s Sudoku accoutrements are, but it certainly adds some flair to his interactive Sudoku board.

And then there’s this guy! Kudos on finding an appropriately-scaled giant pencil for your Sudoku board. (In case you’re trying to solve his costume, as far as I can tell his forehead is 8, and his mouth 4 or 5. Good luck!)

And, as before, here’s the weird mass-produced costume version for Sudoku. I respect that they kept it to a 4×4 grid, but I still can’t imagine anyone wearing it.

Now, when it comes to puzzles and puzzly games, it’s hard to imagine a more visual one than the Rubik’s Cube. Simple shape, great colors, and instantly recognizable. Somewhere, there are photos of my oldest sister in a Rubik’s Cube costume. (Had I been able to locate them, I would absolutely have posted them here.)

But do not fear. There are plenty of marvelous Rubik’s Cube costume pics on the Internet, and I’m happy to post a few of my favorites.

This one is outstanding. Not only is the center row offset, but I’m pretty sure you can actually spin those rows!

(I imagine it’s quite difficult getting him in and out of the car. I had a similarly boxy Optimus Prime costume as a child and got wedged in the backseat for at least ten minutes.)

This one is undoubtedly an improvised dorm room costume, but it’s still terrific.

I think the young lady’s expression is what really sells this one. She’s obviously proud of getting three yellow squares on a single side.

Okay, I promise that this is the last weird mass-produced costume. But it’s so bizarre and mod that I couldn’t NOT post it. I mean, look at that hat!

I’ve saved the best two for last. The first will instantly ring bells for anyone who has played the puzzletastic Professor Layton video game series. It’s the Professor himself, alongside Luke and Flora!

And, in conclusion, here’s my favorite puzzle-themed costume, and the one that actually inspired the entry.

Yup, two Tetris pieces. Hilarious and very sweet all at once.

Happy Halloween, puzzle fiends of all ages! Keep calm, puzzle on, enjoy your candy, and I’ll catch you next time.