Video Review: Star Realms

We do lots of reviews here on the PuzzleNation Blog, between Sherri’s app reviews (returning next week!) and my book reviews and product reviews.

And I’m pleased to announce that Fred, our Director of Game Development at PuzzleNation, is also getting into the spirit.

He teamed up with his son Max to create a video review of the deckbuilding card game Star Realms, and it was featured as a guest review on Edo’s Game Reviews on YouTube!

Check it out:

Fred and Max do a terrific job of breaking down the game mechanics, their favorite aspects of the game play, and the game’s pluses and minuses, all within a few minutes. It’s great stuff, and I hope they get the chance to do another review soon!

And let me know if you’d like to see more video content from us in the future!

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