Our Fourth of July Deluxe Puzzle Set is Here!

Hello puzzlers and PuzzleNationers! Happy Independence Day!

And we’re celebrating the Fourth of July the way we know best: by launching a new puzzle set for the Penny Dell Crosswords App!

Our July Deluxe puzzle set just launched for both iOS and Android users, and it’s one of our best yet!

Take a break from the fireworks and barbecue to tackle this patriotic puzzle bundle, designed for any skill level!

Offering 30 easy, medium, and hard puzzles, plus 5 July-themed bonus puzzles to delight solvers of all skill levels, the July Deluxe set is just what the doctor ordered to scratch that puzzly itch!

But that’s not all!

That’s right, double down on puzzle goodness with the July Deluxe Combo! That’s 70 puzzles, including July-themed bonus crosswords for your puzzly pleasure!

But maybe you need more! If you want an explosive deal on PuzzleNation-quality crosswords, we’ve got you covered with the July Deluxe Bundle! That’s 105 puzzles, three times the terrific content and crafty cluing, loaded and ready for you to solve!

You can’t go wrong with these awesome deals! PuzzleNation is dedicated to bringing you the best puzzle-solving experience available, with world-class puzzles right in your pocket, ready to go at a moment’s notice! That’s the PuzzleNation guarantee.

Happy solving, and happy Independence Day everyone!

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Happy (Follow-Up) Fourth of July!

It’s Independence Day in the U.S., and what better way is there for PuzzleNation Blog to honor the holiday than to talk about a world-record puzzly event in one of the cities synonymous with the birth of America: Philadelphia.

A former nation’s capital, home of the Liberty Bell, location of the First Continental Congress, and home of Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia is also the new home of a world record.

Yes, Philadelphia is the Guinness Book of World Records record-holder for Largest Architectural Video Game Display, after Drexel University professor Frank Lee orchestrated a 29-story-high game of Tetris on the side of a skyscraper.

From nearly a mile away, Lee and other Tetris enthusiasts played a monstrous game of Tetris with a specially rigged joystick and a custom-written computer program.

[Another pic of the puzzly feat, from a local news station’s coverage.]

What’s cooler, more ridiculous, and more bombastically American than that?

Happy Fourth of July, fellow puzzlers! Thank you for spending Independence Day with us, and thank you to the marvelous Kathy Matheson for sharing this story!

Anagram Answers for Patriotic Puzzlers!

My apologies for the delay in posting the answers to our Patriotic Anagrams, my fellow puzzle fiends. I hope you enjoyed untangling these little puzzles!

And so, without further ado, here are your answers!

Penny Aced Indeed = Independence Day

Flared Prosy Kiwis = Fireworks display

Horologic Gent Kiln = Cooking on the grill

Legend For Merit = Let freedom ring

Attend Suites = United States

Nice solo = Colonies

It’s Spartan Dress = Stars and Stripes

Phi Alpha Deli = Philadelphia

How many did you get? Let us know in the comments below!

Fourth of July = Joyful Fourth

It’s Independence Day, and is there any better way to celebrate the marvelous mixing pot of American culture than some holiday anagrams? I hardly think so!

Unscramble the following phrases to uncover some Fourth of July words and phrases, and enjoy!

Penny Aced Indeed

Flared Prosy Kiwis

Horologic Gent Kiln

Legend For Merit

Attend Suites

Nice Solo

It’s Spartan Dress

Phi Alpha Deli

Answers will be posted on the blog tomorrow afternoon! Enjoy your day!