PuzzleNation Community Contest/Giveaway Extended!

Hello puzzle fans, puzzle fiends, and PuzzleNationers! Happy Friday!Just a quick note to let you know we’re extending our PuzzleNation Community Contest to give more people a chance to win one of our fabulous Classic Word Search iBooks! (Or another terrific prize if you’re not an iPad user!)

So make sure to like or comment a PuzzleNation post on Facebook, follow or comment @PuzzleNation on Twitter, or follow or comment on the PuzzleNation Blog to put your name in the running for our iBook giveaway!

(And if you refer friends to PuzzleNation, you’re eligible for a special drawing to win all three Classic Word Search iBooks!)

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support! As a proud member of the greater puzzle community, we at PuzzleNation most definitely appreciate it!

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