Time for Some Spooky Solving Selfies!

[An appropriately spooky crossword puzzle from 1927, London After Midnight.]

We love interacting with members of the PuzzleNation community, so we’ve cooked up something new that we think you’ll enjoy!

Welcome to our first round of Solving Selfies!

The game is simple! We’ll give you a theme, and you reply with a photo! We’ll randomly pick a winner each month for a terrific Daily POP Crosswords prize!

Ready to play? Great!

Today’s theme is “Spooky Solving Selfie!”

Show us your Halloween spirit! Do you deck out your house for the holiday? Or have a killer costume picked out? Do your kids or pets get involved in Halloween shenanigans? Or maybe your favorite place to solve is particularly spooktacular?

We’d love to see it! Send us your Spooky Solving Selfie today! And be sure to use the hashtag #SolvingSelfies or #SpookySolvingSelfies so we don’t miss it!

[Our resident office tentacle is getting into the Spooky Selfies spirit while solving!]

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