Answers to the Punderful Halloween Costume Game!

Halloween has come and gone, but the glorious puns remain.

That’s right, today we’ve got the answers to our latest edition of the Punderful Halloween Costume Game!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the punny answers!

PuzzleNation’s Punderful Halloween Costume Game!


It’s a formal apology!


They’re green with envy!


Kevin Bacon has arrived at the party!


Why, it’s the devil in disguise!


Holy guacamole! What a costume!


For the history-pun fans out there, it’s The Grape Depression!


Now that is a cap-sized ship!


What a classy Jackie O’Lantern!


Meow! It’s Cat-niss Everdeen from The Hunger Games!


It’s a song of ice and naps with Jon Snow White!

And as for our bonus pun, my Halloween costume:


It’s a hooker with a heart of gold!

How many did you get? Have you seen any great punny costumes we missed? Let us know!

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