The Thinker’s Theme Pack, a new puzzle set for the Penny Dell Crosswords App!


It’s been a terrific month for the Penny Dell Crosswords App, fellow puzzlers and PuzzleNationers!

With our February Deluxe puzzle sets, February Deluxe Combo, and February Deluxe Bundle, we’ve continued to deliver the quality cluing and topnotch themes you expect from PuzzleNation for both Android and iOS users.

All of that February fun is still available for those who missed it, and now we’re excited to welcome March with an all-new puzzle series!


This is the Thinker’s Theme Pack.

It’s loaded with 30 Easy, Medium, and Hard puzzles for solvers of all levels of experience, but that’s not all. For every six puzzles you solve, you unlock a bonus puzzle!

So the most intrepid solvers will earn 5 bonus puzzles for their puzzly efforts!

Strap on those thinking caps and keep your fingers limber, because the Thinker’s Theme Pack awaits.

Happy solving, everyone!

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