Munchkin like you’ve never seen it before!

You’re probably familiar with the concept of the pop-up store. You know those costume shops that open up around Halloween, or the ornament shops in the mall at Christmastime, or the random spots selling fireworks during the summer? Those are pop-up stores, opened by retailers for short-term runs.

And our friends at Steve Jackson Games are opening a pop-up Munchkin store in New York City for three days next week!

From Friday, February 13 to Sunday, February 15, 353 West 46th Street will be the home of Munchkin World NYC, your one-stop shop for Munchkin games, goodies, exclusives, and events, including autograph signings by creator Steve Jackson, artist John Kovalic, and Munchkin Czar Andrew Hackard.

For the uninitiated, Munchkin is a hilarious send-up of the classic roleplaying scenario: the dungeon romp. Encouraging players to team up to battle monsters (and betray each other as often as possible for the sake of treasure), it’s a marvelous mix of puzzly strategy and luck.

With numerous expansions covering everything from pop culture to the apocalypse, from zombies to Christmas, Munchkin has become one of the standard-bearers for the modern board game and card game industry.

For full details on the three-day event, click here!

And for any Munchkin fans in the audience, a few questions: Are you planning to attend? What’s your favorite edition of Munchkin and why? I’d love to hear from you.

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